You're never too old to start

My musical journey started many years ago when I was just 7 years old. I remember our family friends were musicians and I often watched them performing with utter fascination. It was a husband and wife duo where he played the keyboards and she sung. 

I am not entirely sure what was it about them that fascinated me, but they were my first exposure to music which truly captivated me. I remember visiting them in their home multiple times and always wanting to go down to their basement where they had some sort of "studio" or practice room. He had three keyboards set up, microphones and huge speakers. It was like a dream. 

They usually performed old songs which I guess were quite popular back in the 90's in the cafe's and restaurants abroad. Although she couldn't speak any other language beside Slovak, they did songs in English, French, Italian and German. I have learned them all phonetically and loved singing along. 

From that point onwards my dream was always to either be an actor, or singer or ideally combining both. I always felt there was something special about me. Or maybe it was just a wishful thinking?

I have been always made believe that music and acting is not a mean of earning money and I should just focus on "real jobs" therefore as the time was passing so was my interest of pursuing career in music altogether. 

Fast forward many years, from studying at a school I had no business being in a first place to nearly giving up on my dream altogether. Another option I had was applying to study at Academy of Arts & Acting after finishing High School. It was made clear by my parents that they would not finance such studies so my only option was to earn money myself. 

Mind you I didn't managed to pass the audition which broke my heart. It made me believe that this was all it was - just a dream and simply not meant to be. 

I left Slovakia in 2007 to work in the UK for few months, save money and return back to Slovakia to apply for studies at a Musical Theatre Academy of Arts in Czech Republic. This sadly never happened and I stayed living and working in the UK for 11 years. 

Here I have discovered photography which I started out as my hobby and slowly progressed into few paid jobs here and there. After making a friends with a lady from Malta and visiting it for the first time back in 2015 I was instantly drawn to this country. It was an exact opposite of the UK. 

I have made a decision to move to Malta in 2018 to start a new life as a self employed photographer. It was now or never. 

Fast forward again to the (un)fortunate COVID year 2020. My photography work was going down the hill with all events and weddings being postponed, which brought me a great deal of anxiety and depression. 

Then I moved into a new house and with that I discovered a fresh new mind. I have started working as a photographer of a local singer in Malta and got introduced to a SONY music producer Toby Farrugia. He recommended I contact vocal coach Gillian Attard. I have started working with her few months ago and decided that maybe now is the best time to work on my first original song and finally after many years, start my musical journey. 

This year made me realise that life is too unpredictable to not follow your dreams, even if you put them on hold for many years. 

You are never to old to start. So, my friends I am introducing to you Stefan Varga, who is now not just a photographer but also a Recording Artist.